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Mater Ecclesiae College

60 Austin Ave. Greenville, RI 02828
Student Life

Student Spotlight:

Name, Year, Birthplace


My name is Mirianna Sternhagen. I'm a junior and I was born in Oregon.


Tell us something unique about you or your family.


I spent most of my childhood growing up in the countryside, so I love to be outdoors whether it's climbing a tree, running through a field, sketching flowers, or just staring up at the blue sky.

What is your favorite class?


I enjoy taking Bioethics. It is very informative and it is a great source when the timely topics are brought up in conversations.

What book are you reading right now and why?


I am in the middle of reading C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy. I picked it up because I love the Chronicles of Narnia. I find the Space Trilogy especially intriguing because it portrays life in another world where there is no evil.

What is one of the things you love about MEC?


I love the fact that we have a chapel with daily Eucharistic Adoration. It is so nice to know that if there is anything on my heart, I only have to walk a few steps to find Jesus.

Can you share a quote that you like?


"Love and do as you will."
~St. Augustine

What is your favorite song from an MEC CD?



I like Making All Things New and Could I Decieve from the Making All Things New CD.

What does “integral formation” mean to you?


It means becoming someone who can love and live with all of her heart, mind, soul and strength.